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    Scrutinize the ethics of employment-at-will to determine whether you believe this is a practice that should be protected in the U.S. Explain your rationale. Discuss whether the Sarbanes-Oxley act protects whistle-blowers enough (or perhaps too much). What changes would you make to improve the effectiveness of the law?

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    Employment-at-will is a doctrine that enables both parties in an employer/employee relationship to end the relationship without any liability on either party's behalf if certain factors are in place. If no express contract exists or the employer does not belong to a union, the employer has the autonomy to negate employment for good cause, bad cause, or no cause. Therefore, an employer has the right to fire an employee for any cause. In contrast, the employee also has the right to terminate their employment, strike, or cease their employment without suffering any liabilities.

    Certain exceptions to this law apply including those who are disabled cannot be discriminated against or fired for their disability and employers may not fire an employee for their race, sex, age, or gender. These are protected 'employees' under the American ...

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