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    Primary modalities that affect juveniles

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    The two primary modalities that affect juveniles at all times are strict discipline and nurture-based treatment. Describe both types of discipline and the differences between them. Do they operate to the benefit or the detriment of a juvenile?

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    The juvenile justice system operates under different guidelines than the adult system. The problem we have with disciplining our youth is that we stand a greater chance of delivering permanent damage by offering strict discipline. Juveniles are younger than adults and their minds aren't as developed as adults. As a result, many juveniles cannot be held accountable for making irresponsible decisions because their minds have not matured enough to fully understand right from wrong. Many young minds are vulnerable and simply need ...

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    This solution describes the differences between strict discipline and nurture-based discipline and discusses their impact on young adults, giving examples of each type of discipline and cases where one type is more appropriate than the other.