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Benefits and limitations of two-way and one-way communication

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I have to compare and contrast the benefits and limitations of two-way and one-way communication as they relate to the corrections profession. I also have to provide specific examples to support my thinking and rationale.

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The type of communication used in any profession is vital to the success or failure of an organization. Both one-way and two-way communication is effective when used in the right context within an organization.

Two-way Communication - is a method of communication where the sender communicates messages, directions, or instructions to the receiver to elicit feedback. The receiver expresses his or her views, recommendations, or affirmation on what has been sent and both entities work together to come to a mutually agreed upon result or way of accomplishing the mission.

This type of ...

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The solution provides a brief explanation of one-way and two-way communications within an organization. It allows for the development of a comparison and contrasting opinion of the two types of communication and the affects they may have on an organization.

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