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main causes of action (basis for a lawsuit)

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Recently there has been a large "recall" of pet food due to accidental toxic substances being found in the dog and cat food items. Pet owners around the United States have joined in a class action against various pet food suppliers. There is no credible evidence that these toxic substances were purposefully placed in the food. If you were the attorney for the pet owners, what would be your two (2) main causes of action (basis for a lawsuit) and explain each element and state if each element has been satisfied or not and why/why not.

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This scenario is very interesting as it arises in a sea of change in what is referred to as "animal law". Traditionally, animals have been treated legally as chattels (personal property), but now some jurisdictions recognize that the family pet often has a higher emotional value to their owners and some (I stress this extremely) are now allowing causes of action to proceed that would not have in the past.

Complicating this matter there is the issue of a class ...

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Main causes of action (basis for a lawsuit) are embodied.