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    Testing and the Law

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    I need help picking apart and understanding the following with two cases/lawsuits. The two cases are Meredith v. Jefferson County Board of Education AND Fisher v. University of Texas. Within those two cases, I need to:

    Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the two lawsuits.
    Identify which standards (Standards for educational and psychological testing) were violated in each lawsuit, and discuss how the standards were violated.
    Evaluate the relevance of each lawsuit to the ethical principles of psychology.
    Discuss the implications of the lawsuits to contemporary psychological testing.

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    My name is Jason Blair and it is my pleasure to be assisting with some notes this evening on these two recent court decisions, their similarities and differences, and their effect of psychological and educational testing moving forward. By way of introduction, I am a university professor in the state of Arizona.

    For the structure of these notes, let me first highlight the basis for each case and their respective decisions and impact on existing law. Then I will highlight the similarities and differences. Following that, I will provide some notes relating to the standards that were violated in each instance, and the how those testing standards were violated. Concluding, I will provide some input on the ethical relevance and the implications on psychological testing moving forward.

    Meredith v. Jefferson County Board of Education - In essence, this was a case of racial integration. Because the Jefferson County Public School System had a long history of refusing to integrate their public schools, they were forcibly required to do so by court and legislative injunctions until the 2000. At this point, they were basically left to 'police' themselves and to ensure that racial integration continued. The Board of Education, in its concern to ensure that the schools in their charge remained racially balanced, began to allow student to choose the schools they attended, but there were certain requirements. Since it was obviously not realistic to allow all students in the district to attend one school (imagine 15,000 students applying to attend one school, while another school only has 500), the Board put into place certain measure to achieve a good balance of in the student body, while making good use of all existing facilities in the District. Among various categories that school's looked at in determining who could attend certain schools, race was one of them. This is the basis for the ...

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