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Hypothesis Testing: Law Industry

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A. Explain how hypothesis testing may be applicable in the industry of law.

b. Provide a specific example and set up the null and alternative hypothesis?

c. Indicate whether it would be a one-tail or two-tail test

d. Explain, in business terms, what a Type I or Type II error would indicate for your specific example.

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//Before discussing about the relevance of the 'Hypothesis Testing' in the Law industry, it is important to give a brief introduction about the hypothesis testing itself. Below I have explained about hypothesis testing as under the heading below: for example: //


Under Hypothesis Testing, some theory is put forward either because it is believed to be true or because it is to be used as a basis for argument, but not has been proved, (Easton V.J. & McColl J.H., Hypothesis Testing, 2007) for example, claiming that the average income of the families living in a particular area is more than that of another area.

A Hypothesis is a supposition made as a starting point for further research for known facts. In other words, it is an idea which needs to be tested before it can be confirmed as a fact. Hypothesis may be defined as an assumption or basis on which a statement is put.

//After discussing about the 'Hypothesis' and 'Hypothesis Testing and its importance'; we relate it to the law industry and its application in this industry. For this purpose, the two kinds of hypothesis have been explained below. //

A. Hypothesis Testing may be applicable in the industry of law and can be used for testing whether implementation of a particular law will prove beneficial for the economy of a country or not. For example, whether the liberalization on the imports in the economy will increase the GDP or not, or the law of penalizing death for crime will reduce the crime rate. For instance, the law of sentencing criminals to death will decrease the rate of crime by 5% in the next 5 years. Another example is that to reduce Juvenile crime rate, the law for minors should be tightened.

B. Null Hypothesis is generally symbolized as H0 and where as the symbol for Alternative Hypothesis is Ha. If ...

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The response address the queries posted in 1239 words with references.

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