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    Social Conflict Theory

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    What is conflict theory? Provide an example and illustration of structural theory. In addition, write a 300-word reflection on what you have learned from the topic.

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    Conflict theory represents the theoretical concept that crime emanates from social conflict within society wherein the higher socioeconomic classes are using the political and legal systems to keep the lower socioeconomic classes marginalized. The social conflict theory hypothesizes that police, courts, and legislatures act at the behest of those in power to pass laws, criminal legislation, and enforcement of these laws against those in lower socioeconomic classes. This causes those from the lower socioeconomic classes to ...

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    The solution explores how conflict theory is a theoretical concept that crime comes from social conflict within society due to intra- and inter- class interactions and power play. This concept is explained in detail, and a 300-word reflection is provided on social conflict theory.