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Social conflict, social disorganization & rational choice

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Describe the theories of social conflict, social disorganization, and rational choice.

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Social conflict theory believes that coercion and power are important ingredients that impact and enable the social order. That is, society is a set of subgroups that compete for power and resources. Social order is established by having the power in the hands of a group that dominates.

The social disorganization ...

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Your tutorial is 140 words and three references and gives a clear description of each theory.

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Social Conflict Theory, Social Disorganization Theory, and Rational Choice Theory

Briefly describe social conflict theory, social disorganization theory, and rational choice theory.
Compare (similarities and differences) social conflict theory, social disorganization theory, and rational choice theory, using specific examples in your comparison.
Based on your comparison, describe at least one insight or conclusion you might draw.

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