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Collective Bargaining's Use in Correctional Agencies

Explain collective bargaining and its use in correctional agencies. Why were/are correctional administrators concerned by it? Do you think it is good that correctional employees have collective bargaining? Why, or why not?

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This is a great question because you must think as both a correctional officer and as a correctional administrator. Let's take this assignment and break it down. The focus is obviously on "collective bargaining," which is another name for "employee unions."

I typically do not recommend using Wikipedia or any of the other non-scholarly sites, but wikipedia does present an easily understood definition for "collective bargaining" "a process of negotiations between employers and a group of employees aimed at reaching agreements that regulate working conditions. The interests of the employees are commonly presented by representatives of a trade union to which the employees belong. The collective agreements reached by these negotiations usually set out wage scales, working hours, training, health and safety, overtime, grievance mechanisms, and rights to participate in ...

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The collective bargaining's use in correctional agencies is determined.