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The influence of politics in Criminal Justice

How do political parties and ideology influence the criminal justice system? How are politics integrated into the review and reformation of the criminal justice system? Provide details of two political parties and their views on criminal justice

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Political parties and the rhetoric that is placated toward the public have a large influence on the criminal justice system. Politics have been the catalyst for some of the worst criminal justice follies over the last 4 decades with the war on drugs being a direct result of politicians' ill-guided attempts at vote pandering and moral enforcement. This began with the former President Richard Nixon and his attempt to garner support for his candidacy with the declaration of a war on drugs in America. This example is one of the more egregious illustrations, but politicians often use their own interpretation of crime statistics to justify fear mongering in the public for proposals that they wish to pass and have their name associated with regarding criminal justice.

If a politician can claim that their proposal was the catalyst for preventing a form of criminal ...

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This solution gives a summary of the role that politics plays in the creation of criminal justice policy including examples of the two main political parties influence on criminal justice policy in America.