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Political Influences

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Political Influences
Political concerns are a fact of life that criminal justice managers must deal with. For this sample question examine a Sheriff's Department in order to apply the concepts from the course.
Your report should cover these points:
• Define agency politics.
• Explain how political concerns influence the operation of criminal justice organizations.
• Identify and describe at least one political influence within and one outside the agency.
• Is it possible to completely eliminate political concerns when making decisions regarding criminal justice organizations? Explain how, why, or why not with the help of an example.
• Develop at least two methods for minimizing the impact of political influences.

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The political concerns of fats of life that criminal justice managers must deal with are determined.

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Agency Politics revolve around selecting decision makers in the criminal justice system that will be able to represent the political and ideological views of politicians. Judges are the highest representatives of the criminal justice system, and in some states they are elected while other states appoint judges. The selection process of the highest offices in criminal justice are political as a result of this process and District Attorneys quite often become candidates for future judge-ships or attain other political offices. This is even more pronounced in the United States Supreme Court wherein politics play a dominant role in the appointment of judges.

Even when creating laws that will govern the populace, the criminal justice process is affected because the "Politics of lawmaking" involves creating laws based upon politics. An example of how the criminal justice system is heavily impacted by politics can be explained by examining the mandatory minimum sentences ...

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