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Anthropological Significance of Monuments

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Why is monumental architecture unique to cities? What do such displays imply about the socio-economic and political organization of the society that created it? Consider pieces of monumental architecture found in the United States. Identify one of these monuments and describe the message it sends to the world.

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Monumental architecture is unique to cities primarily because cities allow for the pooling of substantial resources to create and maintain monuments as well as for sufficient population size to recognize and buy-in to what that monument represents. Symbolic structures are found in most communities, including small towns, but cities create more aggregate ability for these structures to have a more dynamic manifestation. Monuments also serve as man-made landmarks, which allows for a population to have a more socially recognized sense of "place".

A monument can reflect social, religious, historical and political ...

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An overview of the socio-economic and political implications of monumental architecture.

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