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    The needs of Correctional Officers within an Internal Affairs Unit

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    Could you please help me to answer these question?
    Your job is to select correctional officers for an Internal Affairs Unit. They will investigate problems of contraband and violence in prison while working as regular officers.
    1. What qualities would you look for in these officers?
    2. What qualifications would you require?
    3. What training would you provide them?

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    I will try and summarize a few possible responses for each question asked:

    1. In this case, it might be helpful for you to look into possible psychological tests undertaken by the Department of Internal Affairs. It is nearly always standard practice for police officers and law enforcement to undergo strict psychological and personality-based examinations to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Such qualities to ...

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    This response dealt with the general requirements for correctional officers in an Internal Affairs Unit in the US. It included the qualities, qualifications and needs of officers within the prison system.