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a spanish translation

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Hi, can someone please translate the paragraph below in Spanish. Thanks.

On Thanksgiving day I went to my aunt's in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving dinner. When I arrived, the house was packed with family and the children were playing outside. When everyone arrived, we helped set the table. Dinner consisted of Turkey, corn, salad, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing. I was immediately stuffed but I couldn't stop eating, everything looked delicious. Afterwards, we cleared the table. The guys went to watch the game and I sat with my cousins and caught up on the latest family gossip. We then brewed coffee and tea and had dessert. I was still stuffed but couldn't resist having chocolate cake!

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This solution provides a Spanish Translation.

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En día de Acción de gracias que fui a mi tía en Pensylvania para la comida de Acción de gracias. Cuándo yo llegué, la casa fue empacada con la familia y los niños jugaban ...

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