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Long-Term English Learners

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Our text defines long-term English learners as students "who have been in United States schools for more than six years without reaching sufficient English proficiency to be reclassified for mainstream classes" (Syrja, 2011, p. 15). Describe the characteristics of a long-term English learner. How can teachers address the challenges of long-term English learners to move them to a proficient level of English learning? In your opinion, how much accountability should be placed on administrators, teachers, students, and parents respectively?

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Long-term English learners are examined.

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Dear student,

When you answer this question, please consider the different variables involved in the learning proficiency of an individual. I have attached a bibliography to help understand the variables involved in learning in general, and learning another language. When an individual has been learning English for more than six years, many states will "push" students into mainstream classes. Also, it should be noted that, when English language learners remain in programs for more than six years, school districts no longer recieve government funding, especially in public schools. Often times, if a student is not making "annual learning gains," the system begins to examine the possibility of an Intensive English Program (IEP), which would suggest a "specific learning disability."

There are several authors to consider on this topic. Marzano has written extensively on research-based classroom strategies, which can be used by teachers and administrators. His research has caused some districts to change the way teachers are evaluated due to the effectiveness of instruction and learning proficiency of students, including English Language Learners. However, his research is not specifically linked to English Language Learners.

In terms of accountability placed on administrators and teachers, parents need to be empowered if they are to feel important in their students' learning. Many districts now offer Parent Resource Centers for parents to go for support and tools to support their students. Bear ...

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