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Germany Policy Briefing on a Security Concern

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This memo should be on a specific security concern within Germany, pick either: religion/ migration/ trafficking in weapons and/or people/ terrorism.

You will need to detail
1) the issue,
2) the history/ current status and future of the issue, and
3) possible effects and solutions.

Please keep in mind that I'm looking for thoughts and ideas. I ask only that you support and defend your analysis through careful research. Include at least 3 references.

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This solution discusses a Germany policy briefing on a security concern.

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Subject: Religious Security Concerns in Germany

There are various security issues in the nation of Germany. These concerns are brought about by the diverse cultures that are in the nation. The largest religious group in Germany is Christianity holding a huge percentage of the population of 49.4 million followers. A fraction of this number, are the 24.5 million Christians who are protestant. The second largest religion that follows suit is the Muslim community with 3.3 million people. The Buddhism and the Judaism religions are made up of a very small percentage. The government collects taxes from the churches and other religious groups; this is what has made many people not to attend the religious functions leaving the churches to be tourist attraction sites. The churches that are fully operational in the country are inseparable from the state. This is credited to the largest political party termed 'Christian Democratic Union'.

Detail the Religious Issues in Germany

The diverse nature of the religions in Germany has created a lot of controversy on certain social problems that emerge in the nation. This is because each religious group holds different values and beliefs that make the people to have different reasoning points. Due to this, homosexuality has been widely accepted by other religious groups condemned by a different group. This is the reason why the country is full of open debates on abortion. Abortion campaigns in the nation has been supported by other churches and despised by other religious groups. The issues of abortion have not been a major political issue in the nation hence the constant debate about the topic in the nation.

It has been stated that most of the catholic churches in the nation are against abortion but contrary to this, a majority of the German Catholics have ignored this fact. As the government continues with the quest of obtaining security partnerships, with the Muslim community there has been established connection. It is this relation that has made the population of German to prevent radicalism and extremism.

No Religion 34.1
Roman Catholic 30.0
Protestantism 29.9
Islam 4.0
Orthodox 1.6%
Judaism 0.2%
Buddhism 0.2%

Religions in Germany

Detail the Religious History

German Roman Catholicism is the religion that was first established in the nation in the 15th century. The church was later reformed and changed by a man called Martin Luther in the year 1517 where he gave the reason that the church was a corruption of the Christian faith. This is where the emerging of Protestantism was created. A religious conflict then erupted between Protestantism and the Catholic Church. This fight took place for thirty years from the year 1618-1648. This war has been termed as the most destructive conflict relation in the religious realm that has placed the ...

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