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Culture and International Management

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Culture is an important factor to consider in the realm of international management. The different perspectives from various cultures are what make international business an emerging ideology. Individuals from various perspectives are likely to prepare or recite different definitions for the term culture. With that in mind, define culture by using your own words. Then, insert your definition into an online translator, select a language, and provide the language and interpretation in a presentation.

Include each of the following in your submission:

a. Slide One
i. List the culture (or country) in the title
ii. Your definition of culture
iii. One picture or graphic that represents the culture

b. Slide Two
i. List the culture (or country) in the title
ii. The translation of your definition of culture
iii. One picture or graphic that represents the culture

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I can't prepare powerpoint slides for you, as it would be against the assignment completion policy. Here is the information, discussion, and resources that will enable you to create your slides.

Culture #1 - United States

A good definition would be in-line with the followings sample:

Culture refers to the ideas, characteristics, and traditions among a collective population.

Picture of ...

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This solution discusses international management. We look at a strong, clear definition of culture, and insert the definition into an online translator to determine an additional, foreign interpretation. We also discuss a strategy for completing the power point presentation as described. Includes 4 references.

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Bird, A. & Fang, T. (2009) 'Editorial: cross cultural management in the age of globalization', International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 9 (2), pp. 139â?"142, Sage Premier Database [Online]. DOI: 10.1177/1470595809335713

Chevrier, S. (2009) 'Is national culture still relevant to management in a global context? The case of Switzerland', International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 9 (2), pp.169â?"181, Sage Journals [Online]. DOI: 10.1177/1470595809335723

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