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Nazi Party's Influence on German Culture

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Adolf Hitler came to power by legal means, appointed by President Paul von Hindenburg on January 30, 1933, according to the constitution of the Weimar Republic. Thereafter, however, he proceeded to dismantle the legal structure of the Weimar system and replace it with an inflexible dictatorship that revolved around his person â?¦.The Third Reich was organized as a leader-state, in which Hitler the Fuhrer (leader) embodied and expressed the real will of the German people, commanded the supreme loyalty of the nation, and had unlimited authority.
How did the Nazi Party begin to change the culture of Germany including the persecution of Jews and the Nazi policy of territorial expansion?

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1. Hitler did not create a feeling of anti-Semitism in Germany. Rather, he played on pre-existing cultural currents to create a common enemy, the Jews, in order to unite the German people behind his leadership. Rather than blame bad circumstances, Hitler created a common enemy and placed into the German consciousness the idea that they as ...

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