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Women in the Military

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Main Point (1) - State factual accounts of Women in the Military:

i. When/where did it happen?
ii. What happened?
iii. Who were the key personnel?
iv. what traits, principles, or characteristics made this a notable part of the military heritage?

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The solution provides a starting discussion on the topic of women in the Military.

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The history of American women in US military can cited back to the time of Revolutionary War. As early in 1775, women served in army in various roles such as water carriers, cooks, laundresses, nurses and saboteurs. The sacrifice of women while in military service was invaluable. Some of the women who served in the army are the following.
Molly Pitcher: The actual name of Molly Pitcher was Mary Ludwig. She earned the name Molly Pitcher by carrying water to the soldiers ...

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