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What impact did Walt Disney have on the 20th century?

1) You mentioned that Walt Disney also contributed to the globalization of American culture. How exactly? Is there anything besides his characters?

2) Did Disney ever win any awards (Oscars, etc.) that were instrumental in history? Meaning, did any of his wins change the awards programs or make a statement? If so, which ones and how?

3) Is there any additional facts about Disney and his impact on history that are relevant from the attachments provided? If so, what is the major relevance?

4) In what ways could Disney be considered the most important person of the 20th Century?

5) What reasons would you give as to why people might not consider Disney to be the most important person of the 20th Century?

6) In what ways has Disney's innovations and imagineering contributed to US history?


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This solution discusses the genius of Walt Disney. What impact did he have on the 20th century? How was he influential in spreading American culture around the globe? What political impact did he have? Over 500 words of original text.