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Walt Disney's Marketing Strategy, International Mode of Entry

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Regarding Hong Kong Disneyland please assist with the four questions below:

1. How does Disney continue to maintain its image of high-quality products and service both domestically and
2. Applying market-driven strategies, an organization looks to achieve its mission and objectives with a customer focused
perspective that is implemented throughout the organization. Does Disney seem to be adhering to this
type of strategy? Why or why not?
3. Contrast the positive versus negative aspects of the Hong Kong Disney venture. Did Disney seem to learn from
the Disney Paris experience?
4. Is the Hong Kong Disney sustainable? Explain your rationale.

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The Walt Disney Company has been an original American icon for many decades. Its marketing strategy aims to develop its brand image and make people aware of it through the massive popularity of its movies. From there, Disney promotes its products composed of items from the movies as well as the parks that can give an immersion experience to every family. With all its surprises, there is no wonder why Walt Disney Co. has hordes of loyal customers all over the world.
It has a powerful storyline which is actually a literal story or a movie which results in an effective marketing strategy because the products that come from them are based on a specific theme which the customers can relate with. Walt Disney is about a powerful brand story that is expressed in various ways which reflects the culture of the country where their Disney park is located. The results are amazing experiences that families enjoy because they can relate themselves with the movies or characters as well as the story behind the experiences, products, and exciting rides. Disney stories are timeless and engaging. They delight the children and ...

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How Walt Disney has developed brand awareness internationally is examined. The Walt Disney's mission, vision, and values are provided. How Disney has adhered to maintain a customer-focused perspective marketing strategy is determined. The Disneyland Paris and The Hongkong Disneyland positive and negative aspects and its sustainability are analyzed. The solution is 736 words with 5 URLs references.