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    Religion and Law

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    Discuss religious freedoms according to the law.

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    Dear Student,
    I advise achieving this using the following outline:

    1. Introduction - talk about the relationship of law and religion as a subject of interest - 200 words.
    2. History - here, talk a little about US history and how religion had always influenced the founding fathers. Then talk about religion and law through certain important historical events - about 300 words.
    3. The Constitution and Religion - is there any manifestation of religious ideas in the US Constitution? About 200 words.
    4. Current Debates - what debates and issues are there in this subject/topic? About 200-300 words. List as much as you can.
    5. Conclusion - what conclusion can you give after all that you have come to know about this subject? 100 words.

    The above outline should give you 1,100 words and using Times New Roman Font size 12, double-spaced, this should yield around 6-7 pages. With a cover page and a list of references you will be able to provide what your professor is asking you. Now I will give you some ideas. In each section. It is up to you to expand on them.

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    Religion and Government (therefore law) is supposed to be separate. But religion, the faith that people come to believe had always been the moral standard that shaped the ideas and actions of believers and if a country is majority Christian (the US), Muslim (most countries in the Middle East), Jewish (Israel) or Buddhist (i.e. Thailand) - legal tenets will always be influenced by the religious morality that shape the ideas of believers who are also the country's ...

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    The topic of religious freedom according to law & legal systems (with a special focus on the American legal tenets) is discussed in this solution. Resources are listed for further epxloration of the topic.