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Questions on American History

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Need help with these few questions.

1. By what alliterative name were the Pilgrims known while still in England?

2. Upon their arrival on Cape Cod, what did the Pilgrims find to sustain them in their trials?

3. On which religious beliefs did the Pilgrims of Plymouth and the Puritans of Winthrop's Massachusetts Bay Colony disagree?

4. To what cause does Bradford attribute the weakening of the Plymouth community, starting about 1632?

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The solution had been written to provide assistance to a student who was unsure as to the right answers to a set of questions regarding American history. Each of the question is provided a short discussion as well as an online reference to validate the answer provided as well as to allow further room for study. A word version is attached for easy printing and download.

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Since you did not indicate the books you use for this class (which would be a good basis for the 'expected' answers for the questions below), or the choices you've been given, I can only provide the closest general approximate. I believe however that they should get you started. Now, let us look at each question:

1. By what alliterative name were the Pilgrims known while still in England?

This would either be Saints, Strangers & Pioneers referring to the kind of people that made up the Mayflower number. The Saints are the Puritans fleeing persecution from the Church of England and had been living in Leiden for 12 years. The Strangers would be Church of England members who were not overly religious but looking for economic opportunities in the New Word and the Pioneers are the crew members who have come in contract to work in the Plymouth Colony (which was yet to be established prior to their arrival in the New World) for a year. This has come to be abbreviated to Saints and Strangers. I think this is the closest alliterative term as both start in the letter S and in poetry; alliteration is all about sharing consonants.

for more: http://www.joyfulheart.com/thanksgiving/pilgrim_name.htm

2. Upon their arrival on Cape Cod, what did the Pilgrims find to sustain them in their trials?

It was the Wampanoag Tribe that allowed for the possibility of survival of the colony. Via trade and treaty with this Native ...

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