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Populism Movement

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I am reading "Give Me Liberty" by Eric Foner and have some questions for clarification. Short responses are fine as I'm just looking to understand.

1) What was the nature of Populism in the late 19th century and its roots?
2) What were its successes and failures?
3) What was the Populist coalition and who was excluded, and if anyone was, why?
4) How did Populism deal with African American and women's issues?
5) How did it impact the coming 20th century?

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The nature of Populism in the late 19th century and its roots is determined. The successes and failures are determined.

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Hi there! Thanks so much for letting me respond to your post and offer you the best I can. I hope you find the content of this response most helpful for engaging the subject and recognizing your questions and opinions are worth sharing!

1) Populism, rightly defined, was a popular movement centered around agriculture and more accessible currency. It arose out of depression-hit farming and manual labor industries, and it ended up gathering its name primarily because it was, well, popular. Most people were affected by that kind of economy. For this reason, you would see them arguing for large federal intervention in the economy, more laws against corporations...basically a "keep most people out of a depression" platform. Most of the time they even argued things the other two ...

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