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    Trans-Saharan trade and expansion of Ghana

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    1. Increased trade in trans-saharan Africa after 18th century

    2. Influence of Muslim Arabs and Berbers in the trade

    3. West Africa became the chief supplier of gold to international community

    4. Ghana had monopolized the trade in West Africa

    5. Expansion of Islam in West Africa and Ghana's excessive dependence on Muslim merchants

    6. Division of Capital city

    7. The Almoravid Movement

    8. Downfall of Ghanaian gold trade monopoly

    9. End of Ghana with the rise of Sunjata

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    Trans-Saharan Trade and Expansion of Ghana

    Trans-Saharan trade exploded after the eighteenth century. It was actually enhanced due to Muslim Arabs and Berbers. West Africa had acted as the provider of gold to outside world between eleventh and seventeenth centuries. The gold exports increased greatly after 1252, when ore began to replace silver as the European currency. The West Africans began to conduct trade in a larger and organized fashion after the demand increased from Europe and North Africa. Ghanaian armies ...

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    After eighteenth century, Trans-Saharan trade expanded rapidly. West Africa became the major supplier of gold to the international community. Ghana became extremely prosperous due to monopolization of gold trade. The influence of Islam and the Almoravid Movement led to the downfall of Ghana.