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Major Factors Allowing Incas Rule

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Summarize the major factors that allowed the Incas to conquer and rule their large empire. Some suggest that, in many ways, the Incas were like the Romans or other Pre-Columbian American Civilizations. Evaluate whether they were more similar or different, and why. Make sure to identify which civilization you are comparing the Incas to in the subject line of your post.

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The major factors allowing incas rules are determined.

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At first, the Incas were simply a small tribe that lived in the city of Cuzco. They worshiped gods of nature. They believed in omens and dreams. Around 1430 C.E, a neighboring tribe attacked the Incas. The Incas won! That was the beginning of the Inca Empire. Over the next 100 years, the Inca Empire grew into a vast empire. The Incas were able to build a vast empire by demanding loyalty from conquered people. At the height of their power, the Inca Empire was 2,500 miles long, 500 miles wide, and home to 12 million people. These people called themselves "the Children of the Sun". The land the Incas ruled became known as "the land of the four ...

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