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    Why Study Criminal Justice

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    write a short, 250 to 300-word essay
    Include an introduction to essay
    Include details to support thoughts
    Include a conclusion to essay
    Proofread for complete sentences, grammar, and punctuation

    How would you explain your choice to pursue a degree (criminal justice) with a university to a younger version of yourself?

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    Why Study Criminal Justice

    When I was young, I witnessed a crime. I accompanied my mom at a busy flea market. There was an old lady stood close to us. Out of the blue, a hooded man punched her in the back of the neck, she fell and he ran away with her bag. People were too shocked to react and the snatcher got away. The old lady meanwhile hit her head on a rock when she fell and was unconscious and bleeding. The papers reported that because of the violence of the concussion, neck vertebrae slipped causing stoppage of blood flow to her brain and she fell into a mini-coma. She did not recover well and a few years later died because of the impact of her injuries from that day. The snatcher was eventually found by law enforcement and he served time in ...

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