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    Life in 21st Century America

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    Please share your thoughts. I need to conduct interview on American history focusing on your experiences during the 21st century:

    What was your life like when you are growing up (please share experience)?

    What was your experience when first African American was elected president?

    What historical event did you live through? What do you remember about war or economic downturn?

    What did you experience when place crash into twin tower?

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    What was your life like when you are growing up (please share experience)?

    I grew up on military bases since my dad is an Army officer. Life growing up was characterized by change. We moved around the country, and even spent time living overseas. I remember my dad missing birthdays, school events, special days. I remember getting cards and post-cards from foreign countries, but just wishing that he was at home.

    Other than the military, I had a fairly uneventful childhood. I took swimming lessons, went to Girl Scouts, played soccer and took piano lessons. Every summer I went to camp, and loved swimming and canoeing. I remember sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and singing ridiculous songs. I also visited my grandmother on our old family farm every summer. We ate corn fresh off the plant, the juiciest tomatoes and tons of peaches. My youngest uncle used to bring us for dirt-bike rides up in the fields, and my grandfather made us toy boats out of scraps of wood. We have videos of the chickens walking in circles around my youngest brother when he was a baby. Since we moved so often, my grandmother's place ...

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    This solution features detailed answers to a short four question interview on life in 21st century America. It covered topics such as growing up in America, political events like the election of the first African-American president, the attack on the Twin Towers and the experience of war. The solution contains references to statistical information, but is primarily experiential.