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    Initiative and referendum in California

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    Please answer the following six problems in complete sentences and in paragraph forms. Also, try to make at most one paragraph for each problem (each paragraph should contain at most five-six sentences each); keep in mind that some problems are shorter that the others. In other words, just simply answer the problem directly in one simple paragraph or less each (totally six paragraphs.)

    Here are the problems:

    1.Compare the plus and minus aspects of professors in the University of California system devoting so much time to research.

    2.Compare and contrast the initiative and referendum as they are applied in California.

    3.Discuss the ethnic problems that faced President Woodrow Wilson with regard to entering World War I.

    4.Discuss how the terms of surrender at the end of World War I could have be instrumental in setting up World War II.

    5.Discuss farm auctions during the Depression and how farmers handled the sale of a neighbor's property.

    6.The United States and Great Britain had different strategies with regard to the use of bomber aircraft on Nazi Germany. Describe these policies to include how they were reconciled.

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