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    Government Involvement in Social Welfare programs

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    Discuss the philosophical positives and negatives in relation to the governmentâ??s role in social welfare. Include examples of social insurance and public assistance programs, and explain the differences between the two.

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    The problems with welfare stems from the poor requiring a certain minimum to live and demanding it from society. This demand for a level of minimum can be changed in its definition and amount according to those
    who control society and its economic forces. So this level can be decided by the rich and met by the poor, but it leaves the idea of what is a really productive worker up in the air. This allows their circumstances to become very insecure and they cannot survive without depending on the government unlike our ancestors, who could farm and grow things independently. Also, the lack of clothes, food, and other necessities are considered a horror so it demands the government to step in to save people from this horror. So as one increases(poverty0, the other increases. In addition, there are two motives for working namely the desire to live and the desire to improve ...

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    Should government be involve in social welfare? Benefits and Disadvantages