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    Cristicism of Europeans visiting America

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    Describe which aspects of American culture European visitors emphasized. Then discuss the common criticism these travelers gave against America and Americans. Use examples from the sources to back up your points.

    there are 4 sources that are attached

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    There are many aspects of the American culture Charles William Janson, Michel Chevalier, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Frances Trollope emphasized in their written observations. Charles William Janson stressed the etiquette manners of Americans, political viewpoints, the architecture of American cities and buildings, and American literature.

    1) Janson argues that Americans have poor etiquette, specifically when it comes to table manners. Below are evidence of his argument:

    "He will then start a political question (for here every individual is a politican), force your answer, contradict, deny, and, finally, be ripe for a quarrel, should you not acquiesce in all his opinions."

    "Thus will he sit, drinking out of your glass, and of the liquor you are to pay for, belching in your face, and committing other excesses still more indelicate and disgusting."

    "Perfectly inattentive to your accommodation, and regardless of your appetite, he will dart his fork into the best of the dish, and leave you to take the next cut."

    "If you arrive at the dinner-hour, you are seated with "mine hostess" and her dirty children, with whom you have often to scramble for a plate, and even the servants ...

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