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    Tutankhamen Death Mystery

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    Tutankhamen died young, at around 18 years of age. However, his cause of death has not been confirmed. Did he die of an injury, of illness, or was he murdered?

    - Identify the "mystery" and provide a brief summary of at least two (2) theories which could explain the mystery.

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    The Mysterious Death of King Tut

    King Tut's death is quite a fascinating mystery, that is true, and there are in fact a great many major theories which branch off into smaller ones. I will detail five of those theories below.

    The first two major theories are actually connected by one common factor. That common factor is skull examination. As you may remember, there is a large breakage indicating a blow to the back of his head. That could be a number of things. It could be someone else hitting him with an instrument, of course causing his death. Paleopathologist Bob Brier is the main proponent of that theory, and proposed it in the late 1960s. That would be, of course, first-degree murder (according to our modern standards and definitions). However, it could also be an incidental injury in a struggle, ...

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