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    The vulnerability of Mesopotamia

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    1. Determine why Mesopotamia was so vulnerable.

    2. How did Mesopotamia shape the forms the craftsmen were compelled to create?

    3. Choose at least two images of Mesopotamia and discuss them. Note details like subject matter, who is represented, clothing, weapons, etc. and what they are meant to convey to their viewers. Include sources.

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    1. Determine why Mesopotamia was so vulnerable

    Mesopotamia was vulnerable primarily because of geography. As city-states became more populated, Mesopotamia was surrounded by rival city-states, much like Athens and Sparta of a later period. The land (lush, fertile) was perfect for agriculture, which also made them attractive to external aggression. The city-state structure left Mesopotamia vulnerable for conquest as well - they (the city-states) were absorbed into internal warfare, ...

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