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Luther's theology and humanism

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How did Luther's theology relate to renaissance humanism?

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Luther's theological concepts of 'sola scriptura', 'sola fide', and consubstantiation relate to renaissance humanism in several ways. First, renaissance humanism encouraged the return to ancient writings in their original languages as well as the promotion of vernacular languages. Humanists distanced themselves from Jerome's Latin Vulgate (the Bible in Latin) in favour of a return to the Greek New Testament and the Hebrew Old Testament. This practice manifested in Luther's theology as 'sola scriptura', 'by scripture alone', which emphasised the importance of basing theology on the Bible only. 'Sola scriptura' also encouraged the use of Greek ...

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This solution is a detailed explanation of the place that renaissance humanism had in Luther's theology. In particular, the solution focuses on Luther's concepts of 'sola fide', 'sola scriptura', and consubstantiation. The cited sources are included with this 300-word answer. It would be useful to students of Reformation and religious history in the sixteenth-century, of Christian theology, of Martin Luther, and of renaissance humanism.