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    How Did The Crusades Affect Europe

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    How did the crusades set the stage for later developments in Europe?

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    In order to answer this question write a brief description of the Crusades. There were a series of Crusades fought, so a brief out line of each will lead into a good paper.
    Developments from the Crusades came through many avenues. The three main ones are polotics, culture and trade.
    In polotics you need to look at the leadership before and after the Crusades. Before the Crusades, Europe was united under one powerful Papacy. But by the 14th century, centralized bureaucracies which is the foundation to modern nation-state was well on the way in France, England, Spain, Burgundy, and Portugal due to the dominance of the Catholic church at the begining of the crusade era.
    In culture, even though Europeans had been exposed to Islamic influence the crusade era increased that exposure and propelled science, medicine and architecture. Caernarfon Castle, in Wales, begun in 1283 was built to reflect a syle of fortress that Edward I had observed during the Crusades.
    In Jerusalem, the Crusaders took back with them the style of goverance, taxation, argricultural technology, and social mobility. Algebra, optics, and new engineering technology stemed from the Crusades.
    The Crusades re-established trade that had been cut off for centuries. The need to supply large armies caused the rediscovering of roads not used since Roman time. This led to expanded trade. This trade brought many items to Europe such as expensive spices, Ivory, Jade, and improved glass.
    Even though the Crusades were seen by historians as barbaric we can not deny that they fueled the evolution of Europe.

    Here are a few sources for you to look at. Good luck on your assignment.


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    The Crusades during the Middle Ages played a major part in European development