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Historical knowledge

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I need guide to write a paper about the importance of history. What would society be without history?Why can it be an enemy? Why can it also provide an advantage? What is the importance as well as the liabilities of using historical knowledge?

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The solution below should get you started. You are being asked to write a 4-page paper on a particular topic. What this means is that you have to reflect on the statement above. I am not quite sure what kind of materials you have but this is a reflective paper, an essay, you are being asked to write. You need to have your own ideas and opinions, you must defend them too. So how should you do it? You need to have an outline. This is my suggestion:

â?¢ Introduction - what the paper is about, what you will be discussing. 200 words
â?¢ History as a harsh enemy - why is history a harsh enemy? Take cues from the book - about 300 words.
â?¢ History as a friend to humans - why is historical knowledge an advantage? About 500 words.
â?¢ Living without historical lessons - is this possible? Include all the aspects of life indicated above - around 400 words.

The outline above will give you a 4-paged paper of 1,400 words. Also, it will be easy enough to do as the word count is not so much. You must take your cue from the material you have but it will be also good to get some other sources in. I have written a sample below that follows the outline. I am going to remind you once more that you have to keep ethics in mind when using this solution. Good luck with your studies. If you have any questions, just let me know.

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History: Importance & Liability

What is history? Why do we study history? History is the social science that explores, pushes to discover, study and record past events about humanity. Much of the history we know has come after the time when writing was invented as writing allowed for record keeping. Some tribes and groups of people however keep records orally and their history can be heard told in epics and songs that a very special member of their tribe memorizes to teach their members and pass on knowledge of their ancestors. As a social science, history follows a particular rule of 'doing' history. This method is known as historiography. When historians collect data, not only do they describe events and find evidence and witnesses, they also include chronology. Chronology is important because it places people and events in time. History is fascinating because it tells us about the people that lived before us, the kind of lives they lived, the challenges ad conflicts they faced. Without people doing what they did in the past, our lives would not be what they are today. The past always affects the present as what we do will shape our immediate and long-term future. This paper looks into the importance and liabilities ...

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The solution provides an essay that discusses the importance and liabilities of historical knowledge. The advantages it provides society as well the liabilities of knowing history. Finally it discusses what society would be like without history. Resources are listed. A word version is attached.

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