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    Primary Sources for Alexander The Great

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    In any project on Alexander the Great, primary sources can catapult the quality of such an academic endeavor across multiple grade levels. What are a handful of solid primary sources on Alexander the Great? Read on for more.

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    Primary Source 1
    Alexander Tames Bucephalus by Plutarch
    There came a day when Philoneicus the Thessalian brought Philip (Alexander's father) a horse named Bucephalus. The king and his friends went down to the plain to watch the horse's trials, and concluded that he was wild and unmanageable, for he would allow no one to mount him. The king became angry at being offered such a vicious animal unbroken, and ordered it to be led away. But Alexander, who was standing close by, remarked, "What a horse they are losing, and all because they don't know how to handle him, or dare not try!"... Alexander went quickly up to Bucephalus, took hold of his bridle, and turned him towards the sun, for he had noticed that the horse was shying at the sight of his own shadow, as it fell in front of him and constantly moved whenever he did. He ran alongside the animal for a little way, calming him down by stroking him, and then, when he saw he was full of spirit and courage, he quietly threw aside his cloak with a light spring vaulted safely on to his back... Finally, when he saw that the horse was free of his fears and impatient to show his speed, he gave him his head and urged him forward.
    At First Philip and his friends held their breath until they saw Alexander reach the end of his gallop, turn in full control, and ride back triumphant. Thereupon the rest of the company broke into loud applause, while his father, we are told, actually wept for joy, and when Alexander had dismounted he kissed him and said, "My boy, you must find a kingdom big enough for your ambitions. Macedonia is too small ...

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