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Phillip II and technological and tactical advancements

What technological and tactical advancements made Phillip II's army so powerful on the battlefield? This can include tactics, new technology and even morale of the troops.

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King Philip II was the 18th king of Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great. He was king approximately between 359 and 336 B.C.E. Appointed regent for his nephew, he seized the throne. Philip came to power in 359 B.C.E. after the Macedonians had just suffered a defeat at the hands of the Illyrians. Macedonia was in political and military turmoil, and Philip immediately set about bringing the people of Macedonia under his control. After exacting revenge on the Illyrians by defeating them in 358 B.C.E., Philip sought to bring all of Upper Macedonia under his control and make them loyal to him. He not only united the scattered Macedonian tribes but neutralized their long time enemies.

Philip had technological/tactical advancements and military innovations that ...

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This solution examines King Phillip II's technological and tactical advancements and how this made his army powerful on the battlefield.