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Formation of culture and social norms in early civilizations

A discussion of early civilizations. How did culture begin to be developed? What caused certain social norms to be adopted? What were the main cultural influences on early civilizations?

What forces contributed to the cultural makeup of early civilizations?

There were many forces that contributed to the cultural makeup of early civilizations. Geography contributed by determining whether a culture would focus on agriculture, hunting and gathering, trade, seafaring etc. The diet of the culture would be affected by animals nearby. The religion of the culture would be affected by the natural environment. Was the sun a prominent part of their life? They may institute a sun god. Was water and rain something they did not take for granted but depending on dearly? A rain goddess was probably part of their religious observations. If a civilization was located along a trade route it would begin to internalize ideas, languages and beliefs from other cultures. If a culture was geographically isolated it would become ethnocentric and protective of its own traditions. Outside ideas would be viewed as alien and undesirable. The availability of natural resources would affect the kinds of houses they lived in, the types of weapons and tools they used, the food they ate and the type of containers they used to store provisions.

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