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Contribtuing Factors to the Abolition of Slavery

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What are some of the early influences on abolitionism? List at least four contributing factors. Thanks.

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Referring to America, this solution fully details four of the early contributing factors to the abolitionism of slavery.

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1. What were the early influences on abolitionism?

1) Black resistance to enslavement,
2) Intellectual developments all contributed to the rise of abolitionist movements in European countries most notably Great Britain and in the colonial Americas.
3) Christian humanitarianism,
4) Economic change

1) Black resistance to enslavement

Black resistance was the most important of these factors. Since the 1500s Africans and persons of African descent had attempted to free themselves from slavery by force. Revolts were most common in the West Indies and Brazil, where the majority of the population was black. But there were also uprisings in Mexico, Venezuela, and the British colonies in North America.

a. Maroonage

Until the end of the 18th century, rebellious slaves did not really challenge the institution of slavery itself. Instead, they simply sought to free themselves from it. While this rebellion occasionally took the form of slave revolts or uprisings, more frequently slaves tried to free themselves by escape. Sometimes, especially in the West Indies and Latin America, escaped slaves formed maroon communities. These settlements were located in inaccessible areas, to ...

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