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    US & Cuba /Cold War

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    Discuss the misconceptions made in Bay of Pigs invation and why the project failed.

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    Probably the most important misconception about the Bay of Pigs Invasion was at the very core of its inception. Fidel Castro's regime in Cuba presented a real and imminent danger to the security of the United States of America. This statement was erroneous at the time that Castro's force of Granma rebels entered Havana to oust Batista, a brutal dictator supported by American "businessmen" and therefore American foreign policy-makers. More than 50 years later, the statement is still unsupported by a real threat, but continues to feed a senseless embargo, and the idea that Cuba continues to be an "enemy at the gates." What occurred during those 50 years, however, alternately made the statement true and false.

    To begin, documentation of the events of 1959 now shows that Fidel Castro directed a popular revolution without adhering strictly to either communist or capitalist ideals. During the days following the assumption of power in Cuba's capital, Castro entertained offers from both the US and Soviet Union for future aid and ideological support. He was simply looking for the best deal he could get for his fledgling rebel government. American businesses operating in Cuba refused to sell holdings for state-issued bonds. Had the US offered more money, arms, supplies and international recognition than the Soviets, perhaps there would never have been a communist regime under Castro. Of course, Castro's decsion fed into the popular misconception ...

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