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    The Soviet Union and the Cold War

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    Discuss how the Soviet Union become aligned with the Allies and what this relationship was like. How did this relationship change as the war ended? What actions did the United States as well as the Soviet Union take in the years following World War II? What was that relationship was like?

    Explain the arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union and the effect this had on both nations. While these two countries were the leading players, other areas were affected as well. Explain the impact of the Cold War in Africa, Asia, and finally where the biggest Cold War standoff occurred, in Latin America.

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    I'm going to keep this simple since it is a high school assignment.
    Remember - I cannot do the work for you, I can only point you in the right direction.

    Remember that Germany and the USSR were allied briefly. They then carved up Poland between them.
    One problem was Finland - the Soviets invaded Finland in the famed winter war of 1939, just after the Soviet and German occupation of Poland.
    They were allied on Poland, in opposition over Finland, since Stalin accused Hitler of supporting the Finnish resistance. Russia was humiliated against the numerically smaller Fins.

    Germany invaded ...

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