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10 major cold war events

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Explain the 10 following items by (date, country, and most importantly historical significance)

Great Leap Forward
Cuban Missle Crisi
Six-Day War
W. Gomulka
Green Revolutions
Hungarian Revolution
Biafran Civil War
J. Kubitschek
W. Brandy
M. Gorbachev

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identifying 10 significant events of the Cold War

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Great Leap Forward: 1958-1960, China, Mao tried to overtake the UK in total production of steel and leap into an industrialized socialized nation without going through all the necessary development steps in between.
Maoism: communist revolutionary movement based on peasants rather than labor unions to bring forth a society based on socialism, especially prevelant in the 3rd World in the 1960's and 1970's. This was the strategy Mao took in winning the Chinese Civil War in 1949.
Apartheid: the official policy of keeping the races seperate in South Africa from the time the Afrikaans Nationalist Party took over from the pro-British ...

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