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major political events of the 20th century

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I. What are three major political events of the 20th Century (other than civil rights and gender equality), and in what ways did they greatly impact the world?
II. Explain the impact of civil rights, gender equality, and war on life in the 20th Century?
III. In what ways were average people affected by technology in the 20th century? Was the affect positive or negative? Why?
IV. How has electronic technology affected sound and music in the Information Age?

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Three major political events of the 20th Century I would cite are the rise of Nazism in Germany, the election of Ronald Reagan as President of the United States and the fall of the Berlin Wall. With the rise of Nazism in Germany, the United States was forced out of its isolation mode and, probably because of a letter from Albert Einstein to President Roosevelt disclosing the Nazis work on the atomic bomb, the United States was able to develop nuclear energy in the Manhattan Project, use nuclear energy to end the wat and then establish that source of ...

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Political events of civil rights, gender equality and war in the 20th century