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    Vietnam: Beginnings and Protest

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    How did the United States become involved in the politics of Southeast Asia? Describe two key decisions that escalated American involvement and determine their impact. How did a lack of political clarity in declaring the war's objectives affect the military's ability to fight?

    Describe how students mobilized to protest in the 1960s. Why did student activism become so visible at this time?

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    Southeast Asia became a hotspot of political discourse and debacle for a number of reasons, but primarily the spread (or threat of the spread) of Communism. The military approach was defined primarily by a changing course in political approach to this threat. For example, initially, the threat was contained to China. However, the growing influence of Communism caught most western diplomats unawares, and for this reason the political approach was almost destined to be one of ...

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    The beginning causes, continuance and resistance to the Vietnam War are touched on concisely.