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    Athenian democracy

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    Citing specific evidence from the Funeral Oration, what were the main features of Athenian democracy according to Pericles?

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    Funerals for dead soldiers in Athens at this time were public events, so this was a great opportunity for Pericles to climb up on what some call a "soapbox" and others term a "bully pulpit." In other words, he could talk about what was on his mind with little chance of interruption, and many people would hear him. Naturally, at a funeral for the war dead, some of the mourners would be wondering if the sacrifice was worth it. Pericles wrote his famous speech to remind the people of Athens how good they had it, and how much cause they had to be patriotic and proud of the fallen who fought in Athens' name.

    Pericles stated that Athens is a democracy because "Its administration favours the many instead of the few." The Athenian laws grant "equal justice" to all men, regardless of their ...

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    Using the Funeral Oration by Pericles as point of reference, the solution discusses the main points of the Athenian democracy.