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    An Athenian Citizen's Speech

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    Imagine you are a Citizen of Athens and have been asked to address
    the Athenian council (assembly) on either the growing importance of
    Alexandria(Egypt) OR the role of Platoâ??s â??Academyâ? in the Hellenistic
    World. Write a speech that you might give to complete this request.
    You are free to take any stance you choose and give your honest argument
    about the role of Athens, but your argument must be original and well proven.
    -A clear and pointed argument laid out at the beginning of the speech will
    catch your audienceâ??s attention.
    -A concise and well supported speech will prevent the reader from loosing
    -People believe verifiable evidence more than flowery language.
    - To be more effective, assert your ideas as fact, not opinions.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi and thank you for your patience. I have written a sample speech below which I adjudged should get you started. It is not lengthy for speeches are supposed to be concise and direct, delivering the message across to the audience appealing to their intellect, their emotion as well as their culture. It cannot be lengthy therefore for speeches must not test the patience of listeners, especially Athenians. IN those days, declamations, orations and poetic recitations are common and important public spectacles for both political and social life. Athenians gather to debate to reach consensus on a particular matter of interest to the state and its citizens regularly. A speech therefore must be imaginative to be effective and must also be open to criticism for the purpose of discourse. I have listed possible sources of information and additional research below as well. This speech assumes 2 things - that the speaker is a citizen of Athens, that Plato's Academy is a divisive subject in Greek society. If you have any questions on the information provided, please feel free to let me know via the feedback section. Good luck with your final speech.

    OTA 105878

    In Defense of Plato's Academy

    My fellow Athenians, I would like to beg of your time and listen to my view of the importance of Plato's Academy. I know that many of us, especially those in conservative circles have found Plato's academy threatening, especially towards the preservation of our traditional values, of traditional thought and epistemology. His academy is popular among the young and the rebellious while many other citizens of the Hellenic world make their way to Athens to seek Plato and the learned in his academy to listen, to learn and to study. What do they study? Many ask this. What was wrong with the apprenticeship systems ...

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    The solution is a 1,017-word narrative in the form of a sample speech from a first-person perspective wherein the speech takes up the persona of an Athenian Citizen at the time of Plato, arguing to the Athenian Council the importance of Plato's Academy in uplifting the role of Athens as a center of knowledge in the Hellenistic world. The narrative contains the flare of drama to give pause, to cause listeners to think, to persuade. References are listed for expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing and download.