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    American-Sovet Rivalry in Military Technology

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    Examine the American-Soviet rivalry. Compare and contrast the two rivals from one of the following perspectives: technological, military, sociological, religious, cultural, or governmental.

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    I would explore the American-Soviet rivalry after World War II from a technological perspective.


    World War II began the American military's love affair with technology (Millett & Maslowski, 1994). During the years of the war and the subsequent period of Cold War after it, the United States actively pursued technological superiority over friend and foe alike (Mahnken, 2008). While military leaders sought technology in an effort to be more efficient, more effective, and to save the lives of soldiers, it led to some changes in military leadership and ideology. After all, does technology direct the war or merely support the warriors who fight the war?

    The submarine, the airplane, improved communication systems, military intelligence, and the development of a nuclear bomb were innovations that ...

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    This solution discusses the military technology that developed during the American-Soviet rivalry during the cold war between the two countries.