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    The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Space Mission

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    My son needs help with expanding the exploration encounters and exchange in history on Apollo Soyuz. Below he has what each one is but needs to list key facts or topics for each. He is needing 3 - 4 key facts for each.

    Exploration - exploration in space, personified by the international space station (he needs 3-4 key topics that would fall under this)

    Encounter - encounter in space between an American Apollo crew and a Soviet Soyuz crew in the middle of the Cold War. It was a very significant step in the relaxing of international tension during the Detente era of the 1970s (he needs 3-4 key topics that would fall under this)

    Exchange - exchange of ideas and goodwill eventually led, after the end of the Cold War, to the current era of international cooperation in the exploration of space (he needs 3-4 key topics that would fall under this)

    He is also having a hard time with a thesis statement

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    Main Ideas guide (see solution below)
    Paragraph 2
    - What is the Space Race about?
    - What were the examples of this rivalry?
    - What was achieved?
    Paragraph 3
    - What was the Apollo-Soyuz Test Mission About?
    - Who were the cosmonauts/astronauts that took part?
    - What did they do in this mission?
    Paragraph 4
    - What were the scientific achievements?
    - What were the diplomatic achievements?
    - What makes the ISS as a legacy of the mission?

    The Apollo & the Soyuz: Space Cooperation at the time of the Cold War

    The Space Race, which was intensely pursued by rivals the USA and then USSR from 1955-1972 was all about supremacy in spaceflight capability. It was a component of the Cold War (1985-1991) between these 2 superpowers where ideology (that is democracy vs. communism) was the main source of conflict. But while both nations pursued the rivalry which resulted to proxy wars fought in territories by their allies which they support (i.e. the Korean War, the Vietnam War), sectors of both countries pursued a detente - that is, an easing of strained relations especially politically so as to prevent more intense conflict which easily had the potential of bringing in WW3. The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project was the result of this detente effort. It was a joint mission between NASA and the Russian Aviation and Space Asian (RASA), and one fraught with political tension prior to the actual spaceflight. The perseverance of the crew, the scientists and the mission directors however gave the world the very first space handshake between the 2 nations, a handshake of great diplomatic importance.

    The Space Race of the Cold War was all about becoming supreme in spaceflight between the US ...

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