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    Changes brought by William the Conqueror

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    Discuss William the Conqueror and the changes he brought as ruler of England that represent the time period.

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    William the Conqueror also known as William the Bastard invaded England when he was The Duke of Normandy. He did this with a multi-regional, cultural and linguistically diverse group of men in 1066 in what has been called The Battle of Hastings. Although illegitimate, William was named by his father to succeed him as the Duke of Normandy upon his death. William later fought off rebellions and attacks in his native Normandy, first internal ones, and later against the King of France himself.

    The King of England, Edward the Confessor, spent much of his exile in Normandy when the Danes invaded his country. William and the exiled King did appear to become friends later on. After Edward had returned as King of England, he later passed away. Who the true heir to the thrown was, was contested. It was claimed by an English Earl, a Viking King, and William. The Pope at the time supported William's claim to the throne. As stated, William then gathered over 600 ships for the invasion. The invasion was ...

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    The changes to English society brought on by the ascension of William the Conqueror as English ruler is discussed in this solution.